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Ramboll’s CV database covers more than 20.000 CVs of international experts experienced within all Ramboll’s core sectors – water, infrastructure, climate change, environment, transport, buildings and urban development. Ramboll has an extensive network, help us build this and become a team member of our upcoming projects. Sign up and be part of the Ramboll network!
Expert knowledge base
RAMEX contains a large number of experts in a broad range of fields. The system is continuously optimised to ensure that consultants get maximum exposure to relevant opportunities.
Our recruitment section is in constant search for relevant opportunities for the registered consultants. Through our framework contracts and vast network of clients numerous consultancies are daily being investigated and won. Your effort in maintaining your personal profile and list of CVs is rewarded by improved matching to opportunities. It only takes a few clicks to add additional CV versions, which are automatically indexed for efficient searchability.
How to create a profile
As an external expert it is easy to become part of the RAMEX database. Click the signup link in the upper right part of this page and fill in the form. Once submitted you will receive an email on how to access and maintain your profile. You may add as many CV variants as you find suitable, and you will be able to update your profile anytime.
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